18CS52 CN Module 1 Notes VTU Computer Network Download

Computer Network 18CS52 CN Module 1 Notes VTU Download 5th Semester

Module-1          Application Layer          10 hours          Syllabus

Application Layer:

Principles of Network Applications: Network Application Architectures, Processes Communicating, Transport Services Available to Applications, Transport Services Provided by the Internet, Application-Layer Protocols. The Web and HTTP: Overview of HTTP, Non-persistent and Persistent Connections, HTTP Message Format, User-Server Interaction: Cookies, Web Caching, The Conditional GET, File Transfer: FTP Commands & Replies, Electronic Mail in the Internet: SMTP, Comparison with HTTP, Mail Message Format, Mail Access Protocols, DNS; The Internet’s Directory Service: Services Provided by DNS, Overview of How DNS Works, DNS Records and Messages, Peer-to-Peer Applications: P2P File Distribution, Distributed Hash Tables, Socket Programming: creating Network Applications: Socket Programming with UDP, Socket Programming with TCP.

T1: Chap 2 RBT: L1, L2, L3

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