18CS52 CN Module 2 Notes VTU Computer Network Download PDF

Computer Network 18CS52 CN Module 2 Notes VTU Download 5th Semester

Module-2        Transport Layer              10 hours       Syllabus

Transport Layer :

Introduction and Transport-Layer Services: Relationship Between Transport and Network Layers, Overview of the Transport Layer in the Internet, Multiplexing and Demultiplexing: Connectionless Transport: UDP,UDP Segment Structure, UDP Checksum, Principles of Reliable Data Transfer: Building a Reliable Data Transfer Protocol, Pipelined Reliable Data Transfer Protocols, Go-Back-N, Selective repeat, Connection-Oriented Transport TCP: The TCP Connection, TCP Segment Structure, Round Trip Time Estimation and Timeout, Reliable Data Transfer, Flow Control, TCP Connection Management, Principles of Congestion Control: The Causes and the Costs of Congestion, Approaches to Congestion Control, Network-assisted congestion-control example, ATM ABR Congestion control, TCP Congestion Control: Fairness.

T1: Chap 3 RBT: L1, L2, L3


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