18CS52 Module 3 CN Notes VTU Computer Network Download PDF

Computer Network 18CS52 CN Module 3 Notes VTU Download 5th Semester

Module-3                     The Network layer                 10 hours

The Network layer:

What’s Inside a Router?: Input Processing, Switching, Output Processing, Where Does Queuing Occur? Routing control plane, IPv6,A Brief foray into IP Security, Routing Algorithms: The Link-State (LS) Routing Algorithm, The Distance-Vector (DV) Routing Algorithm, Hierarchical Routing, Routing in the Internet, Intra-AS Routing in the Internet: RIP, Intra-AS Routing in the Internet: OSPF, Inter/AS Routing: BGP, Broadcast Routing Algorithms and Multicast.

T1: Chap 4: 4.3-4.7 RBT: L1, L2, L3

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