BDA 18CS72 Module-4 Big Data And Analytics VTU Notes 7th Semester pdf

Download Module-4 BDA 18CS72 Big Data And Analytics  7th Semester VTU Notes Pdf

BDA(Big Data And Analytics )
(Effective from the academic year 2018 -2019)
Course Code 18CS72 CIE Marks 40
Number of Contact Hours/Week 2:2:0 SEE Marks 60
Total Number of Contact Hours 10 Exam Hours 03



MapReduce, Hive and Pig:

Introduction, MapReduce Map Tasks, Reduce Tasks and MapReduce Execution, Composing MapReduce for Calculations and Algorithms, Hive, HiveQL, Pig.

Text book 1: Chapter 4: 4.1-4.6

RBT: L1, L2, L3

Course Outcomes:

The student will be able to:

  • Understand fundamentals of Big Data analytics.
  • Investigate Hadoop framework and Hadoop Distributed File system.
  • Illustrate the concepts of NoSQL using MongoDB and Cassandra for Big Data.
  • Demonstrate the MapReduce programming model to process the big data along with Hadoop tools.
  • Use Machine Learning algorithms for real world big data.
  • Analyze web contents and Social Networks to provide analytics with relevant visualization tools.


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