Computer Network Laboratory (CN Lab Manual)Manual 18CSL57 VTU PDF Download

CN Lab Manual 18CSL57 VTU  5th Semester PDF Download

Laboratory Outcomes:

The student should be able to:

• Analyze and Compare various networking protocols.

• Demonstrate the working of different concepts of networking.

• Implement, analyze and evaluate networking protocols in NS2 / NS3 and JAVA programming Language.


Program List (PART A)

  1. Implement three nodes point – to – point network with duplex links between them. Set the queue size, vary the bandwidth and find the number of packets dropped.
  2. Implement transmission of ping messages/trace route over a network topology consisting of 6 nodes and find the number of packets dropped due to congestion.
  3. Implement an Ethernet LAN using n nodes and set multiple traffic nodes and plot congestion window for different source / destination.
  4. . Implement simple ESS and with transmitting nodes in wire-less LAN by simulation and determine the performance with respect to transmission of packets.
  5. Implement and study the performance of GSM on NS2/NS3 (Using MAC layer) or equivalent environment.
  6. Implement and study the performance of CDMA on NS2/NS3 (Using stack called Call net) or equivalent environment

Program List (PART B)

  1. Write a program for error detecting code using CRC-CCITT (16- bits).
  2. Write a program to find the shortest path between vertices using bellman-ford algorithm.
  3. Using TCP/IP sockets, write a client – server program to make the client send the file name and to make the server send back the contents of the requested file if present.
  4. Write a program on datagram socket for client/server to display the messages on client side, typed at the server side.

     11.Write a program for simple RSA algorithm to encrypt and decrypt the data.

      12.Write a program for congestion control using leaky bucket algorithm.


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