What is cyber security?

Cyber Security is the practice of protecting systems,networks,data and program from digital attacks.

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cyber security courses With all the dangers that exist on the Internet, users must be proactive in protecting themselves from those who wish to use cyberspace to commit crimes. While many people simply decline to send their personal information to Web sites, this is unavoidable if a person wants to use any interactive online service. Online shopping,Internet banking, and even Facebook require a user to provide a certain amount of private information, rarely with the intention of sharing this information, which can potentially be exploited in illegal ways.In order to keep their users’ information secure, many Websites, especially banks and credit card sites, will use several different methods to deter criminals from hacking into accounts. Users are often required to create complex passwords, featuring both letters and numbers, but these Web sites will also encrypt this information,or turn it into a secret code, after the user hits the “send” button.This information is later decoded when it is needed or being used.

Types of cyber security

Other similar methods used by companies include investigating Web sites designed to resemble their own to trick users into providing usernames and passwords; instituting additional security measures
like a security key that forces users to use their mouse to input information instead of the keyboard, which can be monitored by hackers; and session time outs, which log users out of their accounts after a certain amount of time to prevent others from seeing the personal information or using the account.


Many people who use the Internet for shopping, banking, and communication try to be vigilant, or fiercely aware, of the state of their information. Internet users will often pay credit bureaus to run
credit checks on themselves to ensure that no one has been able to open up credit cards or bank accounts under their identities. While credit checks do not prevent identity theft or deter criminals from stealing your private information for their own use, they help make people aware of how they are exposing their personal information to the public and how easily someone else can use the information to their own advantage.

The digital world has changed our collective sense of security by making information vulnerable. New technologies have also offered an inexpensive and global communication system to allow illegitimate people and groups to develop an Internet presence. This process is particularly alarming with groups that spread hate.

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