Design and Analysis of Algorithms 18CS42 DAA Module-1 Notes pdf 

Design and Analysis of Algorithms Notes 18CS42 notes pdf for CSE 4th SEM




What is an Algorithm? (T2:1.1), Algorithm Specification (T2:1.2), Analysis Framework (T1:2.1), Performance Analysis: Space complexity, Time complexity (T2:1.3).

Asymptotic Notations:

Big-Oh notation (O), Omega notation (Ω), Theta notation (Θ), and Little-oh notation (o), Mathematical analysis of Non-Recursive and recursive Algorithms with Examples (T1:2.2, 2.3, 2.4). Important Problem Types: Sorting, Searching, String processing, Graph Problems, Combinatorial Problems.

Fundamental Data Structures:

Stacks, Queues, Graphs, Trees, Sets and Dictionaries. (T1:1.3,1.4).


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