Download CCA(18CS643) Module-1 Notes 6th Semester VTU Pdf

Download CCA(18CS643) Module-1 Notes 6th Semester VTU Pdf, Module-1(18CS643)CLOUD COMPUTING AND ITS APPLICATION Notes VTU Pdf Download



Introduction , Cloud Computing at a Glance, The Vision of Cloud Computing, Defining a Cloud, A Closer Look, Cloud Computing Reference Model, Characteristics and Benefits, Challenges Ahead, Historical Developments, Distributed Systems, Virtualization, Web 2.0, Service-Oriented Computing, Utility-Oriented Computing, Building Cloud Computing Environments, Application Development, Infrastructure and System Development, Computing Platforms and Technologies, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google AppEngine, Microsoft Azure, Hadoop, Force.com and Salesforce.com, Manjrasoft Aneka
Virtualization, Introduction, Characteristics of Virtualized, Environments Taxonomy of Virtualization Techniques, Execution Virtualization, Other Types of Virtualization, Virtualization and Cloud Computing, Pros and Cons of Virtualization, Technology Examples Xen: Paravirtualization, VMware: Full Virtualization, Microsoft Hyper-V
Textbook 1: Ch. 1,3
RBT: L1, L2

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