Download CCA(18CS643) Module-2 Notes 6th Semester VTU Pdf

Module-2(18CS643)CLOUD COMPUTING AND ITS APPLICATION Notes VTU Pdf Download CCA(18CS643) Module-2 Notes 6th Semester VTU Pdf

Course Code-18CS643
CIE Marks-40
Number of Contact Hours/Week-3:0:0
SEE Marks-60
Total Number of Contact Hours-40
Exam Hours-03


Cloud Computing Architecture, Introduction, Cloud Reference Model, Architecture, Infrastructure / Hardware as a Service, Platform as a Service, Software as a Service, Types of Clouds, Public Clouds, Private Clouds, Hybrid Clouds, Community Clouds, Economics of the Cloud, Open Challenges, Cloud Definition, Cloud Interoperability and Standards Scalability and Fault Tolerance Security, Trust, and Privacy Organizational Aspects
Aneka: Cloud Application Platform, Framework Overview, Anatomy of the Aneka Container, From the Ground Up: Platform Abstraction Layer, Fabric Services, foundation Services, Application Services, Building Aneka Clouds, Infrastructure Organization, Logical Organization, Private Cloud Deployment Mode, Public Cloud Deployment Mode, Hybrid Cloud Deployment Mode, Cloud Programming and Management, Aneka SDK, Management Tools
Textbook 1: Ch. 4,5
RBT: L1, L2

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