Download Non-Conventional Energy Sources(18ME651) Module-4 Notes VTU Pdf

Module-4(18ME651)Non-Conventional Energy Sources Notes VTU Pdf Download

SEMESTER-6th    Open Elective

Course Code: 18ME651                                                               CIE Marks :40
Number of Contact Hours/Week 0:2:2                                SEE Marks :60
Total Number Contact Hours :36                                           Exam Hours :03

Module-4(wind Energy)

Wind Energy: Properties of wind, availability of wind energy in India, wind
velocity and power from wind; major problems associated with wind power, wind machines;
Types of wind machines and their characteristics, horizontal and vertical axis wind mills,
elementary design principles; coefficient of performance of a wind mill rotor, aerodynamic
considerations of wind mill design, numerical examples.

Tidal Power: Tides and waves as energy suppliers and their mechanics; fundamental
characteristics of tidal power, harnessing tidal energy, limitations.

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion: Principle of working, Rankine cycle, OTEC power
stations in the world, problems associated with OTEC.


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