Download EPM18CV753 Module-5 Environment Protection And Management VTU Notes 7th Semester pdf

Download EPM18CV753 Module-5 Environment Protection And Management VTU Notes 7th Semester pdf, Download Module-5 EPM 18CV753 Environment Protection And Management 7th Semester VTU Notes Pdf

EPM(Environment Protection And Management)
(Effective from the academic year 2018 -2019)
Course Code 18CV753 CIE Marks 40
Number of Contact Hours/Week 2:2:0 SEE Marks 60
Total Number of Contact Hours 08 Exam Hours 03


Table of Contents


Applications of EMS, Waste Audits and Pollution Prevention Control: Textile, Sugar, Pulp & Paper, Electroplating, , Tanning industry. Hazardous Wastes – Classification, characteristics Treatment and Disposal Methods, Transboundary movement, disposal.

Course outcomes:

After studying this course, students will be able to:

1. Appreciate the elements of Corporate Environmental Management systems complying to international environmental management system standards.

2. Lead pollution prevention assessment team and implement waste minimization options.

3. Develop, Implement, maintain and Audit Environmental Management systems for Organizations.

Question paper pattern:

  • The question paper will have ten full questions carrying equal marks.
  • Each full question will be for 20 marks.
  • There will be two full questions (with a maximum of four sub- questions) from each module.
  • Each full question will have sub- question covering all the topics under a module.
  • The students will have to answer five full questions, selecting one full question from each module.

Reference Books:

1. Christopher Sheldon and Mark Yoxon, “Installing Environmental management Systems – a step by step guide” Earthscan Publications Ltd, London, 1999.

2. ISO 14001/14004: Environmental management systems – Requirements and Guidelines – International Organisation for Standardisation, 2004

3. ISO 19011: 2002, “Guidelines for quality and/or Environmental Management System auditing, Bureau of Indian Standards, New Delhi, 2002

4. Paul L Bishop „Pollution Prevention: Fundamentals and Practice, McGraw- Hill International, Boston, 2000.

5. Environmental Management Systems: An Implementation Guide for Small and Medium-Sized Organizations, Second Edition, NSF International, Ann Arbor, Michigan, January 2001.

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