File Structures VTU Module 3(18IS61) Notes 6th Semester pdf

Module-3(18IS61)File Structures VTU Notes Pdf Download


(Effective from the academic year 2018 -2019) SEMESTER – VI

Course Code 18IS61 CIE Marks 40
Number of Contact Hours/Week 3:2:0 SEE Marks 60
Total Number of Contact Hours 50 Exam Hours 03
Unit-3Organization of Files for Performance, Indexing7 hours

Data Compression,Reclaiming Space in files, Internal Sorting and Binary Searching,Keysorting; What is an Index? A Simple Index for Entry-Sequenced File,Using Template Classes in C++ for Object I/O, Object-Oriented support forIndexed, Entry-Sequenced Files of Data Objects, Indexes that are too largeto hold in Memory, Indexing to provide access by Multiple keys, RetrievalUsing Combinations of Secondary Keys, Improving the Secondary Indexstructure: Inverted Lists, Selective indexes, Binding.

Unit-4Cosequential Processing and the Sorting of Large Files6 hours

A Model for Implementing Cosequential Processes, Application of the Model to a GeneralLedger Program, Extension of the Model to include Mutiway Merging, ASecond Look at Sorting in Memory, Merging as a Way of Sorting Large Fileson Disk

Question Paper Pattern:
·         The question paper will have ten questions.

·         Each full Question consisting of 20 marks

·         There will be 2 full questions (with a maximum of four sub questions) from each module.

·         Each full question will have sub questions covering all the topics under a module.

·         The students will have to answer 5 full questions, selecting one full question from each module.

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