How to change lic branch online

LIC (Life Insurance Corporation) is one of the most trusted and popular insurance companies in India. If you want to change your LIC branch, you can do it easily through the online portal. In this article, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of changing your LIC branch online.

Step 1: Visit the official LIC website The first step in changing your LIC branch is to visit the official LIC website. The website link is Once you are on the website, click on the “Customer Portal” option in the top right corner of the page.

Step 2: Login to the LIC customer portal Once you click on the “Customer Portal” option, you will be directed to the LIC customer portal page. Here, you need to enter your login details such as your username and password to log in.

Step 3: Select “Branch Locator” option Once you have successfully logged in to the customer portal, you need to select the “Branch Locator” option from the menu on the left-hand side of the page.

Step 4: Enter your current policy details In the “Branch Locator” section, you need to enter your current policy details such as your policy number, premium amount, and date of birth. After entering these details, click on the “Search” button to proceed.

Step 5: Select your new LIC branch After you click on the “Search” button, the website will display a list of LIC branches near your current location. You can select your new LIC branch from this list. Once you have selected your new branch, click on the “Submit” button to proceed.

Step 6: Confirm the branch change request After submitting your request for a branch change, you will be asked to confirm the request. Once you confirm the request, your branch change request will be processed by LIC. You will receive a notification once the branch change has been completed.

Conclusion: Changing your LIC branch online is a simple and easy process. By following the above steps, you can change your LIC branch in a matter of minutes. It is important to note that you must have an active LIC policy to be able to change your branch online. If you face any issues while changing your branch online, you can contact LIC customer support for assistance.