How to set atm pin online hdfc?

How to set atm pin online hdfc? Setting an ATM PIN is an important step to ensure the security of your ATM card. With HDFC Bank, you can easily set your ATM PIN online, without having to visit the bank or an ATM. In this article, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of setting your HDFC Bank ATM PIN online.

Step 1:

Visit the HDFC Bank website Open your preferred web browser and go to the HDFC Bank website ( Click on the ‘Login’ button on the top right-hand corner of the page. This will take you to the login page.

Step 2:

Login to your account Enter your customer ID and password to login to your HDFC Bank account. If you have not registered for net banking, you will need to do so first.

Step 3:

Go to the ATM PIN generation page Once you have logged in, click on the ‘Request’ tab and select ‘ATM/Debit Card’ from the drop-down menu. Next, click on ‘Generate ATM PIN’ and select the account for which you want to set the ATM PIN.

Step 4:

Verify your details The next page will display your card details. Verify that the information displayed is correct. You will also need to enter the expiry date of your card, which can be found on the front of the card.

Step 5:

Choose your ATM PIN You will now be asked to enter a 4-digit ATM PIN of your choice. Enter the PIN twice to confirm it. Make sure you choose a PIN that is easy for you to remember, but difficult for others to guess.

Step 6:

Submit your request Once you have entered your new ATM PIN, click on ‘Submit’ to complete the process. Your new ATM PIN will be generated and sent to your registered mobile number.

Step 7:

Activate your new ATM PIN To activate your new ATM PIN, visit any HDFC Bank ATM and insert your card. Select ‘Banking’ and enter your existing ATM PIN. Next, select ‘Change PIN’ and enter your new ATM PIN when prompted. Your new ATM PIN will now be activated.

In conclusion, setting your HDFC Bank ATM PIN online is a quick and convenient process that can be completed from the comfort of your home. By following the above steps, you can set your ATM PIN and ensure the security of your HDFC Bank ATM card.