How to take ec online in karnataka in detail?

How to take ec online in karnataka in detail? Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) have become an integral part of the electoral process in India. In the state of Karnataka, the Election Commission of India (ECI) has made it possible for voters to apply for Electors Photo Identity Card (EPIC) and Voter ID card online through their website. In this article, we will guide you through the process of taking EC online in Karnataka.

Step 1: Visit the National Voter’s Service Portal

The first step to take EC online in Karnataka is to visit the National Voter’s Service Portal (NVSP) website. The website address is Once you have accessed the website, click on the “Apply online for registration of new voter/due to shifting from AC” option.

Step 2: Fill in the Form

After clicking on the above-mentioned option, you will be directed to a new page where you need to fill in the Form 6. This form is for those who want to apply for a new voter ID card. In this form, you will need to enter your basic details like your name, address, age, sex, and contact details. You will also be required to upload a photograph of yourself, as well as a valid address and age proof document. Make sure to read the instructions carefully before filling in the form.

Step 3: Submit the Form

After filling in the form, you need to click on the “Submit” button. Once you have submitted the form, you will receive a reference number. You can use this reference number to track the status of your application.

Step 4: Verification

Once your application has been submitted, it will be verified by the Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) of your constituency. The ERO will verify the details provided by you and check if you meet the eligibility criteria for registering as a voter. The ERO will also verify your address and age proof documents. If there are any discrepancies or missing details, the ERO may contact you for further clarification.

Step 5: Receiving Your Voter ID Card

After your application has been verified, you will receive your Voter ID card by post at the address provided by you in the application form. The time taken to receive the Voter ID card may vary depending on the processing time of the ERO.

In conclusion, taking EC online in Karnataka is a simple and convenient process. By following the above-mentioned steps, you can apply for your Voter ID card from the comfort of your home.