Mobile Application Development MAD LAB Manual VTU pdf 18CSMP68

Mobile Application Development MAD LAB Manual VTU (18CSMP68)


(Effective from the academic year 2021 -2022) SEMESTER – VI

Course Code 18CSMP68 IA Marks 40
Number of Contact Hours/Week 0:0:2 Exam Marks 60
Total Number of Contact Hours 3 Hours/Week Exam Hours 03
Laboratory Objectives: This laboratory (18CSMP68) will enable students to
·         Learn and acquire the art of Android Programming.

·         ConfigureAndroid studio to run the applications.

·         Understand and implement Android’s User interface functions.

·         Create, modify and query on SQlite database.

·         Inspect different methods of sharing data using services.

Descriptions (if any):
Installation procedure of the Android Studio/Java software must be demonstrated, carried out in groups.

Students should use the latest version of Android Studio/Java to execute these programs.

All of these diagrams are for representational purpose only.Students are expected to improvise on it.

Programs List:
1 Create an application to design a visiting Card. The Visiting card should have company logo at the top right corner. The company name should be displayed in Capital letters, aligned to the center. Information like the name of the employee, job title, phone number, address, email, fax, and the website address is to be displayed. Insert a horizontal line between the job title and the phone number.



2 Develop an Android application using controls like Button, TextView, EditText for designing a calculator having basic functionality like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division.


3 Create a SIGN Up activity with Username and Password. Validation of password should happen based on the following rules:

·         Password should contain uppercase and lowercase letters.

·         Password should contain letters and numbers.

·         Password should contain special characters.

·         Minimum length of the password (the default value is 8).


On successful SIGN UP proceed to the next Login activity. Here the user should SIGN IN using the Username and Password created during signup activity. If the Username and Password are matched then navigate to the next activity which displays a message saying “Successful Login” or else display a toast message saying “Login Failed”.The user is given only two attempts and after that display a toast message saying “Failed Login Attempts” and disable the SIGN IN button. Use Bundle to transfer information from one activity to another.

4 Develop an application to set an image as wallpaper. Onclick of a button, the wallpaper image should start to change randomly every 30 seconds.


5 Write a program to create an activity with two buttons START and STOP. On pressingoftheSTART button, the activity must start the counter by displaying the numbers from One and the counter must keep on counting until the STOP button is pressed. Display the counter value in a TextViewcontrol.



6 Create two files of XML and JSON type with values for City_Name, Latitude, Longitude, Temperature, and Humidity. Develop an application to create an activity with two buttons to parse the XML and JSON files which when clicked should display the data in their respective layouts side by side.
7 Develop a simple application withoneEditTextso that the user can write some text in it. Create a button called “Convert Text to Speech” that converts the user input text into voice.



8 Create an activity like a phone dialer with CALL and SAVE buttons. On pressing the CALL button, it must call the phone number and on pressing the SAVE button it must save the number to the phone contacts.

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