18CS52 Module 5 CN Notes VTU Computer Network Download PDF

Computer Network 18CS52 CN Module 5 Notes VTU Download 5th Semester Module-5                          Multimedia Networking              10 hours  Multimedia Networking: Properties of video, properties of Audio, Types of multimedia Network Applications, Streaming stored video: UDP Streaming, HTTP Streaming, Adaptive streaming and DASH, content distribution Networks Voice-over-IP :Limitations of the Best-Effort IP Service ,Removing Jitter at the Receiver … Read more

Computer Network Laboratory (CN Lab Manual)Manual 18CSL57 VTU PDF Download

CN Lab Manual 18CSL57 VTU  5th Semester PDF Download Laboratory Outcomes: The student should be able to: • Analyze and Compare various networking protocols. • Demonstrate the working of different concepts of networking. • Implement, analyze and evaluate networking protocols in NS2 / NS3 and JAVA programming Language.   Program List (PART A) Implement three … Read more

Design and Analysis of Algorithms 18CS42 DAA Module-2 Notes pdf

Design and Analysis of Algorithms Notes 18CS42 for CSE 4th SEM Module-2      Divide and Conquer General method, Binary search, Recurrence equation for divide and conquer, Finding the maximum and minimum (T2:3.1, 3.3, 3.4), Merge sort, Quick sort (T1:4.1, 4.2), Strassen’s matrix multiplication (T2:3.8), Advantages and Disadvantages of divide and conquer. Decrease and Conquer … Read more

Design and Analysis of Algorithms 18CS42 DAA Module-1 Notes pdf 

Design and Analysis of Algorithms Notes 18CS42 notes pdf for CSE 4th SEM     Module-1   Introduction: What is an Algorithm? (T2:1.1), Algorithm Specification (T2:1.2), Analysis Framework (T1:2.1), Performance Analysis: Space complexity, Time complexity (T2:1.3). Asymptotic Notations: Big-Oh notation (O), Omega notation (Ω), Theta notation (Θ), and Little-oh notation (o), Mathematical analysis of Non-Recursive and … Read more