Sant Garibdas ji Maharaj was born in the village Chhudani in district

Jhajjar in the state of Haryana, India in the year 1717 A.D. He belonged

 to the family of farmers and had quite a huge land under His name. 

The name of His father was Shri Balram and mother was Smt Rani.

He was one of the pious souls who met the Supreme God and visited that everlasting place Satlok where we all came from, in his human birth.

After showing the eternal place Satlok to Sant Garibdas ji in 1727, God Kabir said,

"You may now go back below and tell your brothers and sisters the correct knowledge."

10 year old Garibdas ji started crying, "God, please do not send me back there. 

Keep me here only. That's a very bad place. I do not wish to go back there." God Kabir said,

"I'll be with you. You do not worry. Look at your brothers and sisters suffering there. Tell them the true spiritual knowledge so that they can also come back here and leave that place of suffering. They went there because of their own mistake."