Why is the sky so high class 4 answer

The sky appears to be high because of the vastness of the universe and the Earth’s atmosphere. Here are some reasons why the sky appears to be high:

  1. Atmosphere: The Earth’s atmosphere extends up to several hundred kilometers above the Earth’s surface. The atmosphere contains different layers of gases that absorb and scatter the sun’s light, making the sky appear blue during the day and black at night. This makes the sky look vast and endless, giving it an appearance of height.
  2. Earth’s Rotation: The Earth rotates on its axis, giving the illusion that the sky is moving. The rotation of the Earth makes the sky look like a dome above us, creating the illusion of height.
  3. Distance: The sky appears to be high because of the vast distance between the Earth and space. Even though the Earth’s atmosphere is relatively thin compared to the vastness of space, it is still thick enough to create the appearance of height.
  4. Human Perception: Our brains perceive the sky as high because we have been conditioned to think of it as such. We see the sky above us every day and have associated it with the concept of height.