Axisbankarise has sent 2nd Round Online Test On 29th April 2023

Axisbankarise has sent 2nd Round Online Test On 29th April 2023: We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected for the next round of the Axisbankarise recruitment process. As the next step, we request you to complete an online assessment to assess your skills and suitability for the role.

Date of Test: Axisbankarise  2nd Round Online Test On 29th April 2023 

The Axisbankarise 2nd Round Online Test is scheduled for 29th April 2023, from 01:00 PM to 02:30 PM. Please note that the test start time is valid only during this schedule, and candidates will not be allowed to login after the scheduled time.

Before you start the test, we urge you to read the instructions given in this email carefully. We also recommend that you use a webcam and microphone-enabled laptop or desktop to take the test. Please note that the test cannot be taken on a mobile device.

System Requirements for taking the Axisbankarise  2nd Round Online Test:

To ensure the best performance, please use the latest version of Google Chrome (excluding Beta Version), and make sure your system’s “Clock” time and “Date” are updated and synced with your location’s time zone. Your system should also have a minimum RAM of 4 GB and a Processor of i3 dual core 2.2 GHz 5th Generation or equivalent/higher. Please ensure that your internet connection’s minimum speed is 2 Mbps, and both the upload and download speed should be 2 Mbps or more.

To avoid any technical glitches, we advise you to use LAN or Wifi to connect your system to the network. Please close all background applications that may have system pop-ups, such as Outlook, other email clients, Anti-virus, Instant Messengers, News-Notifications, Other browsers/tabs, etc.

Make sure that the microphone and webcam are connected to the system and allowed access in the browser. If they are blocked, follow the steps mentioned in the email. To verify system readiness, click on the link given in the email.

During the test, your video and audio will be recorded and analyzed to maintain the test’s integrity. Therefore, we urge you not to cheat in any way or risk immediate disqualification.

Instructions for the test:

Make sure you are in a stress free environment with no disturbances and ample time in hand before starting the test.

Keep your laptop plugged to main power while taking the test.

This test is video & audio proctored. During the test your video and audio is recorded and analysed to maintain integrity of the test. DO NOT attempt to cheat in any way or you will be immediately disqualified.

Access this test in a well-lit and quiet environment. Ensure that you are facing towards the light source.

While taking the test do not move away from the test window to any other application without submitting or completing the test.

The test will be automatically submitted if you try to move out of the test window repeatedly.

You need to complete the test in one sitting. If you logout for any reason (even if by mistake) you will not be able to retake the test.
Keep a pen-paper handy for rough work. Use of calculators, mobile phones is not permitted.

Once you are ready, click the test link given above, enter your user id & password and click on the Login button.
The page will check for camera, browser and microphone availability and compatibility. Once all are OK, you will be prompted to take a selfie.

Take a selfie by clicking on the Camera button. Click on the Continue button after taking a selfie where your face is clearly visible.
The page will load with the Test details & Test Instructions. Read and understand all of them carefully.

There will be a check box with “I Agree to the Terms and Conditions”. Once you check this, the Start Test button will be enabled. Click on the “Start Test” button to start taking the test.

This is a timed test with the countdown timer shown at the top of the page.
Once you reach the last question, the “End Test” button will be enabled at the bottom of the page. Once you have answered the questions you can submit your test. Confirm by clicking on “I am done with the test” button.

Once you submit the test you will be shown a completion message and can safely close the browser window.
Make sure to restart your machine & internet connection before you start the test
Please close all the unnecessary applications, and disable all Chrome extensions
All the best!


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