OPERATING SYSTEMS OS 18CS43 Module 1 Notes pdf

OPERATING SYSTEMS OS 18CS43 Module 1 Notes pdf


Subject Code:18CS43
CIE Marks :40
SEE Marks:60
Number of Contact Hours/Week:3:0:0
Total Number of Contact Hours:40
Exam Hours:3 Hrs

Course Learning Objectives: This course (18CS43) will enable students to:

• Introduce concepts and terminology used in OS
 • Explain threading and multithreaded systems
• Illustrate process synchronization and the concept of Deadlock
• Introduce Memory and Virtual memory management, File system, and storage techniques

Module 1

Introduction to operating systems, System structures: What operating systems do; Computer System organization; Computer System architecture; Operating System structure; Operating System operations; Process management; Memory management; Storage management; Protection and Security; Distributed system; Special-purpose systems; Computing environments. Operating System Services; User – Operating System interface; System calls; Types of system calls; System programs; Operating system design and implementation; Operating System structure; Virtual machines; Operating System generation; System boot. Process Management Process concept; Process scheduling; Operations on processes; Inter-process communication 08