Why did Google close the question hub?

 Why did Google close the question hub? Google launched Question Hub in 2018 as an experimental platform to connect users with unanswered questions to content creators who could provide relevant answers. The platform was designed to help bridge the gap between users who had questions and content creators who could provide answers that weren’t easily available on the web. However, on April 15th, 2021, Google announced that it would be shutting down Question Hub. This came as a surprise to many users who found the platform to be useful. In this article, we will explore the reasons why Google decided to close the Question Hub.

1.Low Usage

One of the main reasons why Google decided to close Question Hub was because of low usage. Despite being available in India, Indonesia, and Nigeria, the platform did not gain the traction Google had hoped for. The lack of engagement made it difficult for the company to justify continuing to invest resources in the platform.

2.Limited Impact

Another reason why Google shut down Question Hub was the limited impact it had on search results. While the platform was intended to provide a way for content creators to answer questions that were not already covered by existing web pages, Google found that the platform did not have a significant impact on search results. Therefore, the company concluded that Question Hub did not provide enough value to users and publishers to justify its continued existence.

3.Difficulty in Moderation

Question Hub allowed anyone to submit questions, which made it difficult to moderate the platform. Some users exploited the platform to promote their own content or ask irrelevant or inappropriate questions. This led to a lack of trust in the platform and undermined its value to users.

4.Limited Features

Another limitation of Question Hub was the lack of features compared to other content discovery platforms. While it was a useful tool for finding unanswered questions, it lacked the ability to provide insights into user behavior, search volume, and other metrics that content creators typically use to optimize their content for search engines.

In conclusion, while Google’s Question Hub had the potential to be a useful tool for both users and content creators, the lack of usage, impact, moderation difficulties, and limited features made it difficult to justify its continued existence. Despite its closure, Google continues to invest in other tools and services to improve the search experience for users and content creators alike.