Which Covid -19 Vaccine is Most Effective or Best Covid Vaccine in the world 2021

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List of Covid Vaccines Approved By Who:-

  1. Pfizer Vaccine which is 95% most effective vaccine against the corona virus. It comes on the top i.e at first.

2.Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine which is 94% effective against the corona virus.It comes at second, below the Pfizer vaccine.

3.Sputnik Light Vaccine(Russian made) which is 92% effective against the coronavirus.It comes at Third Number,below the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine .

4.Novavax COVID-19’s Vaccine(United State Made) which is 89%  effective against the coronavirus.It comes at Fourth Number,below Sputnik Light vaccine .

5.Covidshield Vaccine(Indian Made)which is 70% effective against the coronavirus.It comes at Fifth Number, below Novavax COVID-19’s vaccine .

6.Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 Vaccine which is 66% effective against the coronavirus.It comes at sixth Number, below Covidshield COVID-19’s vaccine.

7.Coronavac Vaccine(China’s made)which is 50% effective against the coronavirus.It comes at seventh Number, below Johnson & Johnson covid-19 vaccine.

Which is the world’s most powerful vaccine against corona, this vaccine will help your body more in fighting against Covid-19, has revealed the University of Maryland UCH Chief Doctor of the Department of Infectious Diseases He has shared a graphics which has been prepared by Status Size and the least vaccine effect in that state is that of China’s coronavac vaccine, this vaccine is at number seven.

Due to which China’s pharmaceutical company Sinovac has made, whose capacity against corona is only 50%, it comes above Johnson & Johnson covid-19 vaccine, whose capacity is 66%, this vaccine is at number six, after this comes Oxford s2 Geneva’s vaccine i.e. India’s serum.Covidshield Covid-19 vaccine made in the Serum institute, this vaccine is at number five and its capacity is 70 percent, but if you take both 2 dose, then it becomes 90 percent

At number four, Novavax COVID-19’s vaccine against Corona has 89 percent of its capacity, while at number three,Sputnik Light its ability against  covid-19 is 92 percent, which is made in Russia’s Gamaleya Research Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology .

This person has been allowed to apply in India. Second comes  Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine, which has 94% of the efficacy of Covid-19 and above it there is only one pharmaceutical company which has 95 percent of the capacity which is the most effective. And at number one is the vaccine, Pfizer, which is at number one in fighting Covid-19. By taking two doses of this person, you can settle 95% effective against corona.

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