Non Conventional Energy Sources VTU Notes pdf 18ME651

Non Conventional Energy Sources VTU Notes pdf 18ME651,Lecture Notes on Non-Conventional Energy Sources (18ME651)



Energy source, India’s production and reserves of commercial energy sources, need for nonconventional energy sources, energy alternatives, solar, thermal, photovoltaic. Water power, wind biomass, ocean temperature difference, tidal and waves, geothermal, tar sands and oil shale, nuclear (Brief descriptions); advantages and disadvantages, comparison (Qualitative and Quantitative).


Solar Radiation:

Extra-Terrestrial radiation, spectral distribution of extra terrestrial radiation, solar constant, solar radiation at the earth’s surface, beam, diffuse and global radiation, solar radiation data.


Measurement of Solar Radiation:

Pyrometer, shading ring pyrheliometer, sunshine recorder, schematic diagrams and principle of working.





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